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3 Stunning Ways to Wear Your Jelitasara Hijab with Style!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 Bushra Tajuddin 0 Comments Category : ,

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Assalamualaikum sweeties~!! 

Hmm.. I still remember those days. It was soooo hard to find a fashionable tudung to wear during my early years in university. It was 10 years back if I not mistaken. I always look 'selebet' wearing different colors of tudung bawal but with the same style. HAHA!

How time have change. The Islamic fashion industry has gained a huge amount of attention from people all around the world. Fashion designers are constantly coming up with new ideas of muslimah attires for the ladies including hijabs and shawls.


This is one of the fashion brands that provide fashionable tudung for the hijabistas. So, all you hijabistas out there, Jelitasara hijabs and shawls are definitely a must have addition into your fashion wardrobe at home. Yeayy! 

However, some women may not know how to style their tudungs from Jelitasara to suit the fast changing trends. Fret not! Here are three simple yet stylish ways a hijabista can work wonders wearing JelitaSara hijab collection.

Style 1.
Jelitasara shawls match stunningly with a long maxi dress. This first style is suitable for the ladies who want to appear feminine and modern throughout the day. The maxi dress is the perfect substitute of jubah for the cosmopolitan ladies who prefer comfort and style in one amazing look. 

Style 2. 
Jelitasara shawls can be paired with a nice blouse and trousers. This second style can be worn to the office or even on a day out with your friends making you look absolutely gorgeous. To make your look pop even more, wear on a fancy dangling necklace to show off your sophisticated character. If you do not know how to wrap a shawl nicely around your head, there is always the luxury of Youtube where you could find tons of hijab tutorials online. Pick your hijab style and follow the steps shown in the hijab Youtube videos. 

Style 3. 
If you are a jeans and shirt type of person, Jelitasara hijabs will still look stylish on you. Style with confidence on your day offs with your casual ghetto hijab look in front of others. Accessorize your outfit with trendy sunglasses or branded handbag for a complete stunning appearance. 

One of the local celebrities known for her amazing fashion taste is the talented Yuna. 

If you are wondering where to get Jelitasara collection for women fast, have a look at ZALORA and start shopping Jelitasara online by browsing through their website. 

With one click and... 

Voila! You've just bought a super-gorgeous tudung and shawl and the best part is.. it's delivered directly to your doorstep! Easy-peasy huh?

♥ Thank you for reading this entry. Till next time sweeties~!! 

Lurve u~!! ♥  



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