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Lil' House & Big House

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Bushra Tajuddin 10 Comments Category :

Assalamualaikum sweeties~!! 

Referring to my last entry here, we are looking for a house for rent. We had quite a tight budget but we still want at least a single-storey terrace house rather than an apartment (no offence). We did not against apartment. We just think that a single-storey house would be better for us. So, we have had done surveyed and viewed a few houses but it seems failed. Why? Hmm.. It's either because of the budget or it's not up to our requirements or.. BOTH!. Yes, very picky even with a tight budget. I know. I admit that. We have our own reasons and because of that, we don't mind to go through a very tedious process along the way.

Guess what..?? We finally found it! After months of house hunting, we finally found a house that can fit our needs  & budget nicely. It's a single-storey terrace house. Alhamdulillah... 

The house is located around 20km from my office and it's wayyy smaller than our current house but we don't mind. This little place will be our new home soon. We are more than grateful to found you, lil' home. Hikhik..

Oh, by the way.. don't you agree picture speaks louder than words..?? Enjoy the piccas!

..... the lil' house

A little place soon-to-be called home. We'll be moving in very soon!
I will update more about this later. (*super-excited)

..... the BIG house

Oh ya, currently we're living here. 
A lot of things to do before moving out.
Good bye BIG house! You will always be remembered! 

Till next time sweeties~!!

Lurve u~!! ♥ 

Thanks a lot to those who had emailed me & commented in the blog regarding the info of the house hunting. You're such a sweet person! Thank you very much peeps! XOXO.



  1. kat maner ni eh kak bushra?

    rumah sewa lala pun rm650, kat puncak jalil.

  2. Lala,

    dekat jalan nak ke KLIA.
    Nanti akak buat special entry psl ni.
    the house is much cheaper than RM650. ;)

  3. ha, cepat buat entry! hope sihat lah selepas denggi. tak tau pun! patot senyappppp ja!huhu

    nanti umah lala dekat nilai, keje dekat petaling jaya, pening!

  4. Kini diriku telah sihat. Alhamdulillah. Tihihi.. seksa lala bila kena tarik sekejap nikmat2 tu sume. langsung takleh nak wat ape.

    lala beli umah kat nilai ke? jauh jugak nak gi keje ke PJ sane tuh. bila lala pindah nilai lak?

  5. take care eh sis!

    aah beli kat nilai. dulu office nak pindah sana, sekali takjadi daaa...

    umah nilai tu siap hujung tahun, mau awal 2013 lah duk sana. huhu memang jauh! 70km! tol lagi!

  6. 70km tu mmg jauh lala. sewakan je la. hmm.. tapi xsama dgn duduk umah sendiri.

    InsyaAllah. u too.. take care! cium pipi syaurah utk akak. :)

  7. i'll be missing u neyboor :-p semoga bebahagia and selamat di tempat baru.

  8. tengkiu jiran! i'm gonna miss u too..
    keep in touch ye! ;)

  9. alhamdulillah. akhirnya dapat gak :)

  10. Reen:
    Itulah. Alhamdulillah..
    Lega sgt! :)


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