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Journey of the House Hunting!

Saturday, May 26, 2012 Bushra Tajuddin 2 Comments Category : ,

Assalamualaikum sweeties~!! 

If you read through this entry, you will know that we're urgently looking for a house for rent somewhere near Putrajaya. We've started the process of house hunting since March. And it was somehow really challenging. We never expect that it'll be a very stressful process. I'll write down the story of our stressful yet interesting house hunting journey here, for something to value in the future.

Requirements of house hunting:-

Location: Putrajaya, Bangi, Serdang, Dengkil, Kota Warisan, Bandar Salak Tinggi or Nilai. Type of House: Single storey (preferable) or apartment.
Rental rate: RM 650/month (max).

To start off, we chose Online House Hunting as we can see that this is the easiest way. Via Internet (e.g: mudah.my & iproperty), we checked on the type of house, location and budget. Voila! The list of houses displayed on the screen. But hey, there's only two ads? Impossible. HAHA. Putrajaya is a HOT location, sweeties. Therefore, the location nearby would be highly demanding too. And the price will crazily increasing too. 

OK. Noted. With a maximum rental rate budget of RM650/month, what can you expect? Yes, that is the maximum that we can accept. Take it or leave it. Oh, no. We must still stick to the single storey house. MUST! 

Let's try the second option - Traditional House Hunting. We would say that, this is the most stressful process. We went to each and every location nearby Putrajaya looking for advertisement of house for rent. Morning til evening. We got nothing but extremely tired! Not to mention that I've been infected with dengue fever + prolonged fever (please read this to know more). So we went home kecewa. Sobs sobs..

We started to feel the stress after I had reported my duty at the new office - Putrajaya on April. Since then, our life changed. We went out for work at 6:20 AM everyday to avoid traffic jam in KL. Back home with a massive traffic would be an unnecessary additional stress.

With those stresses, we have to quickly find the house. We actively do the house hunting via Internet on weekdays and traditional house hunting on weekends. On another note, we only had weekends for any viewing arrangement. 

Sometimes, we manage to set for viewing arrangement. But unfortunately, we're not able to view the house because the house was taken by someone else. This happens many times. 

Some other time, we manage to view the house. But the house was not up to our requirements. We normally view the house which is within our budget. This process repeated for months.

Until one day.. the house hunting is really sickening us. So, we resorted to just accept which ever house within our budget & location. We made a last phone call to set for viewing arrangement after searching via Internet. On last Saturday, we viewed the house. The house is OK despite it's a high rise 4-level apartment without lift (*sigh). We decided to confirm the house on the next day after doing some surveys.

Before going back home, we drove to the location nearby to survey for shops/stalls, restaurants, petrol station and etc. Suddenly, we saw a new single storey housing area. There's a few houses occupied while the others are still empty. There's also an advertisement "Rumah untuk disewa". Can you imagine how excited we are? HAHA. enche nYomoT made a call immediately. Guess what? We've been instructed to find the second last house, next to a corner house with a banner. It's their office, peeps!

Ok. don't be too excited. We need to know the rental rate first. HAHA. 

As soon as we found the office, we asked for the details of the rental house. The staff explained and explained and explained. We couldn't hide our excitement. Yes, the rental rate is within our budget or even cheaper. I can see the lights! Woohoo~!! 

Details of the houses:-

Location: Kuala Langat. 20km from Putrajaya
Type of House: Single storey with 3R & 2B / 4R & 2B
Rental rate: RM 450-600/month

* Ehem. Can you see the lights too..?? Heheee. 

They have a few empty houses for rent with the rental rate range of RM 450-600/month. The rental rate is depending on the type of the house (3R & 2B / 4R & 2B, Corner Lot / End Lot / Intermediate Lot).

We asked for the permission to view 2 intermediate houses with 3R & 2B. (Read: 2 houses, sweeties!) This type should be more than enough for the two of us. After viewing the houses, we decided to choose one of the house. We fell in love right after viewing the house.

If you've read our previous entry here, you'll see the picture of the house. Nevermind, I'll tepek here again. Tihihi..

Intermediate single storey house with 3R & 2B

Our house hunting was a long & extremely tiring journey. But we couldn't say much how grateful we are to finally found this lil' home despite all the difficulties along the way. THANK YOU ALLAH!

We'll write more about the progress of moving out and moving in later.

Till next time sweeties~!!

Lurve u~!! ♥ 

I received emails asking for the details of the housing area after my last entry. If any of you interested to know more about this housing area, please do not hesitate to email me at nyomel@gmail.com. I'm glad to help! Thank you.



  1. seronok :)

    baca entri ini dgn perasaan yg mcm menuju puncak plaks

  2. HAHAHA.. macam2 je reen ni tau!
    yerpp.. terlalu excited sampai taip entry pun excited tak abes lagi. kihkihkih..


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