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Our RAYA Story

Thursday, October 25, 2012 Bushra Tajuddin 0 Comments Category : , ,

Assalamualaikum sweeties~!! 

We'll be celebrating Aidiladha tomorrow and I just got some time to update about our Aidilfitri story today. Hehe. Sorry sweeties. Better late than never. Don't you agree? ;)

This year was our THIRD Aidilfitri celebrated together as husband and wife. As usual, getting ready for Solat Sunat Hari Raya Aidilfitri was really a great feelings. We had a quick breakfast before heading to the mosque. After performing the solah, we were gather at the living hall and seek forgiveness to each other (salam session) and enjoyed our ketupat & rendang for the whole day! Heheee..

We didn't took many pictures in the previous years since our camera was miserably broken. But this year, we had bought our brand new camera and of course the cam-whoring mode is ON! Yippie~!!

Enjoy the pictures of our first day of RAYA with my in-laws.

Both of us says 'HELLO' 

Our beloved mak with us!

Kak Sue's family and us with mak!

The whole family without 2 of enche nYomoT's brother. Not bad huh..??

The next day, we continued celebrating our RAYA with my lovely family. 

The family potrait! Missing 2 of my brothers. Sobs sobs..

Both of us with my beloved parent, mama & abah.

The darling daughters of them. 

The handsome boys? :P

The always cute sistas! :P

Last but not least, ehem.. ehem.. 

As a conclusion, we enjoyed our RAYA this year! Mama & abah did an open house this year but I think I'll write about that separately in the next entry. (Oh, bila la tu? HAHAHA)

Have a safe journey balik kampung and SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA from both of us!

♥ Thank you for reading this entry. Till next time sweeties~!! 

Lurve u~!! ♥ 



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