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Meebee & Mooboo

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 Bushra Tajuddin 2 Comments Category :

Assalamualaikum sweeties~!! 

Well.. I never write about them here. I am excited to write about them but I just don't have the time YET.. They are actually the kittens but not ours. They've been brought home by our next door neighbour from his office. Eventho their home & truly guardian was next door, they love to play in our lil' home. 

Meet meebee & mooboo the kitties..

Can't you see how cute they are playing together?

Hello. My name is Meebee. 

Ehem.. and my name is Mooboo.

enche nYomoT is a cat lover but I'm definitely not. He really loves the cats. He managed to be a cat guardian for thirty cats at the same time. Woww~!! Can you imagine? By the way, that was a long time ago. Now he had been retired from being a cat guardian until these two little angels came into our life.

Meebee & Mooboo in action!

Meebee is such a brave little kitty. He always curious when he heard any sound and would try to find out what it is. However, he is so silly. He don't really know how to poo properly at a proper place. I would GRRRR.. each time he is doing such thing. He is slightly naughty but he would definitely stay silent if we getting mad of him.

Meebee the curious kitty.

Mooboo is a bit different. He is brainy when it comes to his nature calls but, he is a little coward compared to meebee. He will run and hide each time he heard a very loud sound such as thunder & storm. Hehee.. very funny of him but he's the one who's keep bullying meebee. HAHA. He looks innocent but you couldn't believe that he is naughty. He even gave a negative respond each time we get mad of his action.

Mooboo the naughty kitty..

Oh, by the way.. mooboo is also a picky eater. I still remember when he didn't eat anything that we served for him. And so does meebee at the same time. We were so worried thinking of what we should serve them until we found whiskas for juniors. Oh, they're such a character!

Their favorite food!

They're very active kitties. They run and chase around the lil' home, jump up and down like a ninja, but mostly spend ample time together. They are inseparable and complete each other. I was the one who's very excited going back home everyday to play with them. We were honored to meet them.

That is how I've been converted to a cat lover and they are my FIRST pet.

Unfortunately, the excitement was just ended. We left our lil' home for three days to celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha with our families. When we reached home looking for them, they were gone missing. We had been searching for them everywhere but we couldn't find them. 
Dear Meebee & Mooboo,

I was too sad thinking of how you've been doing. I do hope you're doing good. I do hope you've been taken care of. I do hope that someone was taking you and be your good guardian. Ameen Ya Rabbal A'lamin.

We've been together for TWO MONTHS. It was a wonderful memories indeed.

Thank you for making our life more cheerful. We ♥ You!

Oh! We appreciate your prayers for them too. Thanks.

♥ Thank you for reading this entry. Till next time sweeties~!! 

Lurve u~!! ♥ 



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