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Oh my super HERO!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Bushra Tajuddin 5 Comments Category :

Assalamualaikum sweeties~!! 

Yesterday was really an interesting day. We had a thrilled day when the corner lot house in front of our lil' home was on FIRE! 

It happened when I was just arrived home from work. When we were about to close the gate, enche nYomoT saw a very thick smoke at the roof top in front of our house. 

He asked me, "Sayang nampak tak asap tu? Takkanla api asap masak sampai macam tu kott.. Sayang tunggu sini, abang pegi check sekejap".

I replied, "OK".

When he came back. He told me that the house was on fire. He asked for his handphone and called the 999. While he's making his call, I asked for his permission to inform the management officer. He nodded and I drove to the management office to inform them.

After came back from the management office, I saw enche nYomoT struggling connecting the water hose and the pipe at the back of the burning house to control the fire from spreading wildly. Another three men came to help him. Seeing him struggling, I ran to get the pails to help them too. 

While the other three men helping him control the fire, enche nYomoT was thinking of opening the front door. He don't have any other option except for the only one solution - kicking the door. I can't even believed that he just kicked the door once and the door was widely open. *clap clap* Eh? Hehe.

When the door was opened, he's trying to enter the house but the thick smoke were everywhere. He came back and put his shirt off and wet it. Then he covered his face with his wet shirt and entered the house. He asked one of the man to splash a pail of water onto a gas cylinder and move the gas cylinder away before it explode. Then he checked on the house to ensure no one is in the house. Done!

Alhamdulillah.. They finally manage to extinguish the fire before the fire engine (BOMBA) team arrived. 

I posted a photo on instagram right after the BOMBA team arrived.

The BOMBA team arrived 20 minutes after the call and they immediately doing their job to ensure and confirm that there's no fire left. Then, they checked on the house to investigate the source of fire. enche nYomoT gave his explanation on the incident. He believed that the fire broke out when the cooked capati was left unintended by the tenants before they leave the house.

Once the investigation done, the BOMBA team thanking enche nYomoT for his brave and wise action. I still remember the remark from one of the BOMBA personnel "Terima kasih diatas tindakan berani dan bijak awak. Masyarakat kita jarang yang akan buat macam ni. Selalunya, mesti nak tunggu pasukan BOMBA sampai dulu".

Oh, my super HERO! I'm a proud wife. Hiks!

♥ Thank you for reading this entry. Till next time sweeties~!! 

Lurve u~!! ♥ 



  1. Auww glemer sat aku sb kat print screen ada pic aku..haha

  2. elixadexelia:
    Auwww.. glamer u! heheheee.. ;)

  3. OOooh, Kak Long pun had the same experience. Balai Polis USJ 8 tu dulu semak yang pernah terbakar oleh seornag yang sakit jiwa. Risau, takut akan merebak ke rumah, mula lah siram dengan hos dan juga baldi. Ramai yang tolong, budak-budak lepas tuisyen pun datang tolong. Bomba sampai, api dah padam.....

  4. wah hebat yuh. harus kau jahitkan uniform baru nie :) hehehe nasib baik xde apa2 kan nyomel. bahaya betul tinggal umah mcm tu aje

    1. Hahaha.. baru la cool ade uniform baru kann?? kihkihkih..
      BTW, tau xpe.. careless sungguh! moral of the story, kene double triple check sebelum nak kuar umah lepas ni.. :)


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